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bassistprincess's Journal

7 March 1992
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hi, my name is Emi!
I am a silly fangirl.
I love drawing anime stuff, writing fandom-related things, making original characters, and obsessing over Reita (The GazettE; also the guy in the header) Naoto (Persona 4), and Megurine Luka (Vocaloid). and lately, Ivan and Felix (Golden Sun).
YES. Reita is a dude. those of you who know me should already know this.

I also love clothes and I sort of have my own fashion sense. it includes hoodies, graphic t-shirts, cute mini-skirts if the t-shirt isn't long enough, tights, over-the-knee socks or stockings, legwarmers, converses or boots.
I'm going to start dabbling in J-fashions soon, as well, and getting rid/selling lolita stuff I never wore.

fandoms I'm in, trying to be in or have been in:
→ J-rock
→ Persona 4
→ Golden Sun (1 and 2)
→ .hack//G.U.
→ Homestuck
→ Star Ocean 3 & 4
→ Pokemon (RSE - DPPT - BW)

aaand finally, my favorite music artists in no particular order:
Sonic Coaster Pop, SONOMI, Vocaloid girls, Saori@destiny, Aira Mitsuki, An Cafe, Ayabie, alice nine., Janne da Arc, bis, Polysics, Pizzicato Five, Perfume, capsule, Ayumi Hamasaki, COPTER4016882, cornelius, NAGISA COSMETIC, lullatone, hicalculator, Tommy February6/Heavenly6, Halcali, No Doubt, Linkin Park, Lady GaGa, depeche mode, she music.
also, lots of videogame music.